HD WAN for the Small
and Medium Enterprise

In todays economy, an increasing number of businesses and professionals are working remotely. Teams are interacting through online services, such as Video conferencing, VoIP calling, file sharing, cloud collaboration etc. Some businesses are single locations and others are multi locations, all of them have a need to connect remotely with staff and resources. Internet quality and reliability are top of mind as network disruptions and performance issues can become intolerable.

HD WAN for the Small and Medium Enterprise is a new offering available to connect businesses with other locations, remote staff, and resources reliably with Broadband Internet connections.

Reacting in times of change
COVID-19 has displaced workforces and drastically affect our work and social life. All sized businesses have asked employees to work from home according to the government order. Working from home has its challenges as whole families are using their home network, competing for bandwidth which amounts to an upsurge in traffic. Handing out VPN licenses and connecting displaced workers to central resources requires reliable connectivity at both ends. Service providers are seeing a degradation in connection quality and users are struggling to maintain quality of their applications and collaboration.
HD WAN Small and Medium Enterprise – Quality of Service over Broadband

For businesses sharing their network with other users, congestion and latency can cause phones to suddenly drop and video conferencing to chop up. Applications on any network compete unfairly to prioritize their functions over other apps. This can put a strain on bandwidth and slow down productivity

HD WAN sets priority of apps in your network, from all devices, and assigns them in order of importance. This cleans up your broadband traffic by assigning bandwidth to top priority applications such as Zoom, Meets, Teams and VoIP while limiting other apps trying to hog your network. This results in crystal clear videoconferencing and VoIP calls over a busy broadband connection.

HD WAN for the Small and Medium Enterprise – Bonded Internet Connections for more Bandwidth
Bandwidth is essential for fast and reliable delivery of traffic across networks. For central offices that host local resources and large sensitive files, the bottlenecks occur with upload throughput at the office and download throughput at the branch or remote employee office. The same can be said in reverse when submitting files back to the central office. For some remote branches and employees working from home, access to sufficient Broadband can be a problem. Some areas only have access to low performing broadband connections with no other carrier options available. This situation can also affect a small office located in under served areas.

HD WAN solves this problem by combining multiple Internet connections of any type to increase bandwidth. For example, combine two Fiber connections at the head office or Two 500Mbps Cable connections at branches while remote home offices can combine DSLs to achieve the sum aggregation of upload and download. Scale bandwidth where needed with affordable broadband connections.

Combine any broadband type such as Cable + DSL + Fiber = Full Sum Aggregation of Download
and Upload

HD WAN for the Small and Medium Enterprise
– Backup Internet for an Always-on network
Broadband can be spotty at times. Even dedicated fiber can go down from unexpected accidents during construction down the street. Some businesses have secondary Internet connections for manual failover, and for those with deep pockets, dedicated routers and BGP setups can allow for automatic failover. What can a small office or medium office do to mitigate internet disruptions?
HD WAN provides Small and Medium Enterprise with Backup Internet. Deploy a standby connection that activates seamlessly when the primary connection suddenly drops ensuring connectivity is not lost. A Standby connection will continue to send traffic over the Internet without any interruptions to voice calls, video calls or VPN sessions. Once the primary link becomes active, the standby link returns to standby mode, ready for the next emergency.
HD WAN for the Small and Medium Enterprise
– Creating an affordable Wide Area Network (WAN)
For large Enterprise businesses, MPLS and expensive hardware allow for multiple locations to connect to each other. These locations are all inside a secure WAN with dedicated connectivity right to their buildings. This is great for big Enterprises, but costs are beyond what most Small and Medium sized businesses can afford. They also have blind spots that require VPN’s to close the gap for the executives at remote locations looking to be part of the WAN.
HD WAN simplifies the secure WAN by eliminating expensive MPLS setup and hardware and replacing it with Broadband connections and inexpensive Client Premises Equipment (CPE). This type of network is a software defined wide area network and provides huge benefits.
  • Scale Bandwidth at all locations with Bonded Internet
  • Reliability with Backup Internet
  • Quality of Service at all locations for Voice, Video, VPN and other critical apps
  • Eliminate VPNs and include multiple devices in a WAN behind a CPE